Pieces of April

Fifteen ugly T-shirts. Six pairs of saggy jeans. Three shrugs.

Revamping your closet: priceless.

Become a closet master with help from stylist and wardrobe consultant April Francis of The Haute Closet. Don’t be intimidated by her runway-esque appearance; Francis is a down-home gal whose goal is to make you feel like a million bucks.

In as little as three hours, she’ll edit your clothes to a tee. Throw attachment out the window — this lady means business. She’ll even quiz you (how do you wear this? What do you like about it?) and have you model a piece before determining its fate.

As for that heap of old clothes? Take it to your nearest Buffalo Exchange.

And make someone else pay the price.

The Haute Closet (april@thehautecloset.com or thehautecloset.com).