Food & Drink

Burn, Baby, Burn

Your last attempt in your kitchen was … imperfect (read: on fire).

Go try your luck elsewhere.

At chef Naveen Sachar’s Rasoi cooking school (rasoi means “kitchen” in Hindi), you’ll learn the ins and outs of North Indian and Thai cooking in Sachar’s Bucktown home.

After the North Indian native introduces you to various spices, fresh ingredients, and equipment, you’ll get dicing, grating, butterflying, and marinating. Prepare dishes like tandoori chicken, goan shrimp curry, and chili paneer (to name a few) and eat to your heart’s content.

Sign up for BYOB group lessons or get a crew together for private sessions (you pick the menu and location).

As for that fire?

Let’s hope it stays in your belly.

Rasoi, 1751 North Talman Avenue, between Bloomingdale and Wabansia Avenues (773-230-9320 or learnasiancooking.com).