Hooked on a Feeling

If you could repeat one task for the rest of your life, what would it be?

a) Eating cake.
b) Staring at Zac Efron’s abs.
c) Carving one million copies of the same sculpture.

Chicago artist Sighn chose c. In an act of irony (“limited”-edition mass production) and hopefulness, he is going to create one million hand-cut wooden sculptures with the letters ITSOK, an endeavor that will take approximately 50 years.

Sighn uses wood or bamboo, a template, and a scroll saw to complete his pieces. Because he cuts by hand, each sculpture is unique.

Place the art where you’ll see it often — atop your computer, your night table, the bathroom vanity — so in moments of doubt and distress, the mantra will be a glimmer of hope.

We’re more than OK with that.

Available at Pivot, 1101 West Fulton Market, at Aberdeen Street (312-243-4754 or pivotboutique.com); online at multipolarprojects.com.