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This Just In

Spotted: an elite group of Lincoln Park trixies (R, L, and little E) at Lonely Girl’s b-day bash, savoring organic peanut butter sandwiches filled with Nutella, jam, and marshmallow fluff.

Across town: Scandalous Gold Coasters relishing antipasti with sharp cheeses, prosciutto, and marinated mushrooms.

Who’s the newbie in town causing such a stir?

1st & Fresh Catering, a new Chicago service that provides sustainable meals for any kind of gathering. Call a day ahead, and chef Matt Bishop (Spiaggia) will whip up fruit and cheese platters, gourmet salads (Jamaican jerk, buffalo chicken), and specialty sandwiches. He’ll even create custom menus for private events (from Thanksgiving dinners to Halloween bashes).

Disposable utensils are included, so cleanup is minimal.

You know you love it.


1st & Fresh Catering (312-701-0890 or 1st-fresh.com).