Something to White Home About

Greeting cards by Rhymes with Twee
fill us with an inner glee.

Made by a local gal named Leigh,
an artistic dabbler, she’s quite crafty.

On her Print Gocco she prints by hand
the cutest cards in all the land.

Leigh glues guitar picks on the front,
writes “I’m glad I picked you” (how very blunt).

Draws a mix tape on the cover,
scripts “I’ll be the b-side to your a-side” (just right for lovers).

A Polish dish she draws quite well;
“You fill me with piero-glee” is such a sell.

“Sorry I’ve been so flaky,” quips a croissant.
(That’s the card we really want.)

For birthdays, bashes, sorries, soirees,
Leigh’s cards never cease to amaze.

She doesn’t have her own boutique,
but here’s her site — just take a peek.

Available at Renegade Handmade, 1924 West Division Street, at Winchester Avenue (773-227-2707 or renegadehandmade.com); online at rhymeswithtwee.com.

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1924 W Division St
@ Winchester Ave
Chicago, IL 60622