Food & Drink

Eat Your Art Out

Following rules isn’t your forte (you’re tatted, pierced, and drink like a sailor).

But you always eat your vegetables.

Consider yourself rewarded. Artfully Delicious, a new local catering and personal chef service, is dedicated to delivering delicious veggie-friendly dishes — and to doing it on a sliding price scale.

Armed with a background in classical French technique, Kriss Wood creates menus that cater to your tastes while his wife, Melissa Manfredi, handles the business side. Options so far include black bean chili and cornbread, spicy Mexican rice, avocado tempeh sushi, pistachio pilaf, ratatouille tart, and punk rock shepherd’s pie (a veggie version topped with mashed potatoes).

If you’re an aspiring chef, Wood can cook in your kitchen and at your skill level. Otherwise, he’ll whip things up in a commercial space and deliver the goods.

Either way, you’ll be living on the veg.

Artfully Delicious (773-426-4413 or artfullydelicious.com).