Baby Bloomers

Denise and Mary, quite contrary, how does a garden grow?

We lived on farms — we love their charm — and that is how we know.

Do tell me more! Can I explore and learn to rake and hoe?

Of course you can. We have a plan to teach you how to sew.

It will be hard. I have no yard, no space to plant an herb.

Do not fret, little pet, container gardens are superb.

We’ll spruce you up with buttercups; we’ll deck your deck with thyme.

The tasks we’ll teach, little peach, for a garden so sublime.

We can plant, please do not rant, a garden anywhere.

We reuse gutters — did we stutter? — with primo taste and flair.

Please observe how to preserve your veggies and your fruits.

We’ve got a plan for you to can your gardening pursuits.

Intended Bloom, we do presume, is how we shall be known.

So please, you awesome little blossom, call us on the phone.

Intended Bloom (773-354-6789 or intendedbloom.wordpress.com).