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5411 empanadas!

Buenos dias. DailyCandy here, reporting live with 5411 Empanadas, where we’re joined by founders Mariano Lanfranconi, Andrés Arlía, and Nicolás Ibarzabal. Today we’re talking with the Buenos Aires transplants about … about …

We’re sorry, we — I — got lost in their exotic stares. We’re here to discuss the trio’s new company, 5411 Empanadas, named for the international code used when dialing Buenos Aires. 5411 debuted … ay, Dios mio, what’s that smell?

Folks, if I seem distracted it’s because I’m catching wind of five varieties of freshly baked, not fried, empanadas: beef, barbecue chicken, ham and cheese, sweet onion, and spinach and cheese. Using mostly family recipes, 5411 will recreate this traditional Argentine snack right in your kitchen (for large parties) or deliver them to your door (think smaller soirees).

After you eat, you’ll thank 5411 profusely.

They’ll tell you it’s nada.

5411 Empanadas (312-972-5411 or

Photo: Courtesy of 5411 Empanadas