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TV Dinner

When Linda Yu gives heat advisory warnings, you heed. (Can’t deny that bouffant.)

But you get all hot and bothered when Tracy says to steer clear of spicy foods in summer. (She does flurries, not curries.)

Newsflash: Even TV personalities break the rules. Spice things up with local Top Chef New York contestant Radhika Desai. From a romantic evening for two to a dinner for twenty, Desai will prepare a zesty meal with wine pairings for you and your guests in your kitchen.

After a menu consultation, Desai arrives armed with a server and sommelier, then gets cracking on dishes like braised lamb shank and ten-spice-crusted halibut with butter-braised corn. Pastry chef Amy Fingerhut creates palate-cleansing desserts like lemon basil crème brulee.

Go ahead — request the chocolate bomb (layered chocolate cake, chocolate crème brulee, chocolate mousse).

If you’ve got a hanchoring.

Radhika Desai (rad@radhikadesai.com).