Yo Homes, Smell Ya Later

body chemistri!

Now this is a story all about how
Your life can get turned upside down.
And we’d like to take some time,
So we can share
How Heidi Sauhammel became the chick of Smellair.

On West Roscoe Street, inside Glam to Go
Is where Heidi set up her perfumery show.
Sniffin’ out, snuffin’, her nostrils are keen
She’s orderin’ oils like nobody’s seen.
When a customer comes
Who just wants to smell good,
Feelin’ crummy and a bit misunderstood.
Heidi reads ’em up and down, feels their energy, too.
She says, “I’ll concoct a scent that’s just right for you.”

She takes a look around at her imported scents:
Lilac, white tea, plum blossom represent!
She mixes this and that with intuitive care.
You won’t soon forget it — she’s the chick of Smellair.

She pulls out a few papers, ’bout seven or eight,
Uses a French blending technique so you go home smellin’ great.
She waves ’em at your nostrils and, boy, do they flare.
She’s right on the money — she’s the chick of Smellair.

Body Chemistri, inside Glam to Go, 2002 West Roscoe Street, at Damen Avenue (773-281-1856 or bodychemistri.com).

Photo: Dean Berdusis / Courtesy of Body Chemistri

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2002 W Roscoe St
@ Damen Ave, inside Glam to Go
Chicago, IL 60618