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Meals on Wheels

Contestant No. 1: I’ll take French Stuff for $200, Alex.

Trebek: If not properly managed, this batter can get messy.

No. 1: Who is A-Rod on ’roids?

Trebek: Uh, no.

Contestant No. 2: What is Cook au Vin’s crepe cart?

Trebek: Correct!

No. 2: It’s just like Paris. Chef Vincent Colombet rolls to your house and makes crepes on the spot.

Trebek: Sweet for summer soirees!

No. 2: Especially the Nutella-banana or apple-caramel crepes. Savory buckwheat crepes include ham and Swiss or turkey with mushroom cream sauce. Vincent’s from Bordeaux and uses his family recipes.

Trebek: Ooh la la!

No. 2: The crew can bring their big pots and make ratatouille or coq au vin for a real feast; they stay from two hours to the entire day.

Live Studio Audience: Vive la France! Sacre bleu! Encore!

Trebek: Looks like we’ve found a winner.

Cook au Vin, 2256 North Elston Avenue, between Fullerton and Webster Avenues (773-489-3141 or cook-au-vin.com).

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2256 N Elston Ave
bt Webster & Fullerton Aves
Chicago, IL 60614