Ace of Face

amanda peloquin facial!

You’re bland, tell awkwardly timed jokes, and make small children weep. 

Try relying on your looks to get ahead.

Start with a facial by Amanda Peloquin. The aesthetician makes miracles happen in a tiny treatment room in the back of Tousle Salon in Old Town.

After you fill out a client constitution card, Peloquin carefully examines your pores to determine your skin’s needs. Then she uses Dermalogica products and a steamer to prep your punim for gentle extractions. A tightening mask reduces redness. While it sets, Peloquin massages your hands and arms and applies lip and eye treatments.

She explains every step she’s taking so you understand how within 90 minutes you look so spectacular.

Yeah, you’re shallow.

It’s written all over your face.

Amanda Peloquin at Tousle Salon, 1445 North Wells Street, between Burton Place and Schiller Street (312-933-2321).

Photo: George Marks / Getty Images