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Pantry's in a Bunch

dana joy altman's pantry makeover!

Between blind dates and movie dates, you’ve neglected the most important date of all.

The expiration date. On everything. in. your. house.

Dana Joy Altman will revamp your kitchen faster than you can say “sesame seeds from 1995.” The former comanager of Green City Market knows a thing or two about food. Namely that you’re more likely to eat and cook well when your kitchen is organized.

After assessing your likes (new sesame seeds), dislikes, and goals, she’ll donate, recycle, and pitch your crap. Next comes a shopping trip to farmers markets, ethnic groceries, and beyond, then back home to restock.

From fresh ingredients to vintage containers, your pantry and fridge will be unrecognizable. She’ll leave you with recipes and sources to abet your culinary know-how.

Altman’s doing makeovers for three short months. So get on it.

Your kitchen will be bitchin’.

To schedule a consultation, call 773-342-1927 or go to realfoodrehab-pantrymakeover.blogspot.com.