Now and Then

sometimes store!

Some get through breakups with whiskey.

Others prefer a cocktail of casual sex and nasty e-mails.

But nothing says I’m over it like setting up a vintage shop in what was once your ex’s bedroom. Christine Bejasa would know: She and her partners in crime, Kirsten Kilponen and Alysse Dalessandro, transformed her ex’s space in her Pilsen apartment into vintage haven Sometimes Store.

Launching this Saturday and by appointment going forward, The Sometimes Store spills with the girls’ well-edited, thrifty picks: ’40s frocks, granny sweaters, embellished blazers, saddle shoes, and beaded tunics. Bags in every color hang from the wall, and nothing costs more than fifteen bucks. Munch on Sometimes Sweets (vegan cookies) while you browse.

Proceeds go toward the trio’s new online mag, Oh Really, hitting the Net this fall.

Guaranteeing succ-ex.

The Sometimes Store, 913 West Cullerton Avenue, at Peoria Street, first floor (312-243-1229).

Photo: Courtesy of Sometimes Store

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913 W Cullerton St
@ Peoria St
Chicago, IL 60608