Growing Pains

sprout home's indoor planting!

When dealing with weeds, you’re more loopy than Snoopy.

Potting can be dicey.

Leave the dirty work to the experts at Sprout Home. They’ll spruce up your interior with lush greenery that’s tailored to your home’s needs.

During an on-site consultation, specialists evaluate vents, light variations, and the type of caregiver you are. Then they choose plants using their observations: Pencil cacti thrive in spaces with full sun; ZZ plants perform well in low light.

Your helpers will also suggest modern Sprout containers (ceramic, self-watering, ecofriendly urns) based on aesthetics and growth patterns. If your plant starts to look sickly, they’ll give you instructions to nurse your baby back to health.

Sprout delivers and installs for a fee.

Let them — you’re lazy.

Sorry, was that blunt?

Sprout Home, 745 North Damen Avenue, between Chicago Avenue and Superior Street (312-226-5950 or sprouthome.com).

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