On a Parole

j swank jewelry!
Photos: Emily Johnston Anderson / Courtesy of J Swank

Life gives you choices that are difficult (iPhone or BlackBerry?) and not so much (court reporting or jewelry design?).

Jenn Swank took the easy route (well, sort of).

Forgoing stenotype for feathers, ribbon, and vintage beads, Swank recently launched a small jewelry business out of her Wheaton living room. Taking cues from nature, she creates feminine necklaces and earrings, collecting bits and pieces from indie designers and antique shops.   

A keen eye and trend awareness keep her collections relevant: bib necklaces made from antique crocheted doilies, vintage Italian rose beads paired with feathers, seed pearl clusters and tiny bows for the holidays.

She does custom work, too. Love those earrings but want to swap out a chain or charm? Swank’s open to anything.

Just your type.

Available online at etsy.com. For custom orders, e-mail jenn.swank@gmail.com.

Photo: Emily Johnston Anderson / Courtesy of J Swank