At a Theater near You

Photos: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

You reenacted When Harry Met Sally’s diner scene for your boss. (Gross.) Then you went all Monster on the poor grocery clerk when he dropped your cereal. (Honestly now.)

The silver screen is just not in your future. (Sowwy.)

But you can still command the stage at Movieoke, where all eyes are on you. A cross between karaoke and open mic night, the hilarious pastime gives film buffs a chance to unleash their inner stars.

Choose from more than 200 classic flicks (Caddyshack, Casablanca, Napoleon Dynamite), pick a costume (fur coat, bonnet, sword), and grab a mic. While a projector plays the clip, read the subtitles and act your heart out.

A DJ spins sound tracks during breaks.

Then it’s back to the feature presentation.

For upcoming events, go to chicagomovieoke.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures