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snookelfritz ice cream artistry!
Photos: Andrew Storms / Flickr

This season, cuddling is a hot commodity.

You need a main freeze.

Take a bite out of the biting cold with Snookelfritz, a just-launched artisanal ice cream company from pastry chef Nancy Silver.

With stints at Trotter’s, Blackbird, and Bistro Campagne under her belt, Silver’s no novice. A stickler for simplicity, seasonality, and sustainability, she uses farm-fresh ingredients (Nichols Farm fruits, Chicago Honey Co-op honey, local dairy) to create flavors that’ll make you melt.

Maple syrup with candied hickory nut and salted caramel apple neatly curb your salty-sweet craving. Honey creme fraiche is velvety smooth and balanced. Roasted pumpkin’s creamy authenticity makes the canned version seem cruel.

Pick up Snookelfritz at Green City Market through New Year’s. In 2010, Silver will gladly whip up a pint upon request.

You’re one cool customer.

Available at Green City Market, at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 North Cannon Drive, at Fullerton Avenue. For custom orders, e-mail snookelfritz@hotmail.com.

Photo: Andrew Storms / Flickr

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The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
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