Pillow Talk

aragon ltd jewelry!
Photos: Courtesy of Aragon Ltd

The tryptophan myth has been debunked.

And along with it, your excuse for apathy, laziness, and general malaise.

Perk up with a piece from Aragon Ltd’s new jewelry collection. Each exquisite creation is handmade by arty pals Meghan Lorenz and Sarah McLaughlin (just a coincidence, fans).

The daring duo is inspired by everything from rib cages and altar boy crosses to taxidermy. Statement necklaces include black and fuschia upholstery rope that’s been pinned and sewn into intricate formations; shredded, tie-dyed vintage tees affixed to vintage gold chains; neon pink-tipped rabbit foot lariats; crystals hanging from bullet casings; and studded wooden crosses strung from rope. Wear skull earrings embellished with chains and tassels one or two at a time.

Everything is one of a kind. Ask nicely, and they’ll make custom pieces.

This is your wake-up call.

Available online at etsy.com.