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foodie app!
Photos: Courtesy of Foodie


SF looking for perfect app. Must involve food, awesome specials, and what I want when I want.

Hey SF, we’ve got you covered. We’re the creators of Foodie, a new Chicago app. There are two of us (Matt Marcus and Ari Bendersky). Hope you don’t mind.

Intriguing. Tell me more.

Foodie has recruited the best restaurants in Chicago (Lula Cafe, Piccolo Sogno, Cibo Matto, Nightwood, Perennial, Takashi) and exclusive specials. Reserve a table at The Bristol (which ordinarily doesn’t take reservations), get two free cocktails with two appetizers at Boka, and chow down on a $45 steak for $28 at Primehouse at dinnertime. And that’s just this week.


Foodie gives you current and upcoming specials (you can book in advance), helps make reservations, and encourages user reviews. Interested?


Available online at foodietheapp.com. Register in the next week and receive a free yearlong membership.

Photo: Courtesy of Foodie