leather bow cuff!
Photos: Courtesy of Pixie Market

You can do without pomp and circumstance. Same goes for bells and whistles. It’s the little things that matter most. Find them here. (P.S. No matter how much you spend, your gifts are right on the money.)

Isn’t She Lovely
She’ll look smashing in a darling cream leather bow cuff. Stunning in a vintage lace necklace. Fetching carrying an amazingly earthy Buck Indian rug clutch. Slightly scary toting pink darts. In order to keep up, she’ll need a therapeutic salt soak with lavender, eucalyptus, and rose.

ipod-hoodie!It’s Time for Androgyny
Haven’t you always wanted to make your own ukulele? Clothe your iPod in a hoodie? Keep track of important dates? Poof! Problem solved.

wool felt-lined notepad!He’s So Fine
He never knew he needed an electronic yodelling pickle … until now. His ratty notebook is sweet (in a gross kind of way). Replace it with a reusable wool notepad cover with inserts (to-do list, dog walker client log, travel diary), and he’ll be all smiles. He loves the smell of snow but would rather stay inside. While he’s at it, he can people-watch inside the pages of the Photobooth Book.

sweater tote!Food for Thought
Thank goodness for translation. I Know How to Cook is officially en Anglais. Get your chef on and shop for groceries with an ecofriendly holiday sweater tote.

They’ll love whatever you pick. Bank on it.

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Photos: Courtesy of Pixie Market; Courtesy of Fredflare.com; Courtesy of Concepcioun; Courtesy of Mélangerie