Hot Shots

the atelier photo experience!
Photos: Courtesy of The Atelier

Dear Tyra,

“Smiling with my eyes” led me straight to the ophthalmologist with an unsavory squinting tick. Thanks a mil. Smiling with my thighs, however, has done wonders in my quest for Top Model domination.

You could learn a thing or two from photojournalist Cara Garbarino, owner of The Atelier — a photography service that transforms women into sexy boudoir sirens and pinup fantasies. Garbarino’s clientele is as varied as Miss J.’s elimination outfits: middle-agers, new brides, and so on.

Armed with a personal glam squad (she makes hair and makeup recs; you book the appointments), she shoots either in-studio or on your California king. Every client receives an album and can order a calendar (hello, Miss August), framed canvas, or coffee-table book.

Ty-Ty, if you need somebody to fill that ever-rotating judge’s seat, give Garbarino a ring.

She’s no poser.

A. Friend

The Atelier (773-661-9011 or theatelierchicago.com).

Photo: Courtesy of The Atelier