Dressed to Gill

gillion carrara jewelry!
Photos: Courtesy of Gillion Carrara

You strongly identify with SNL’s Gilly (plaid jumpers, low tolerance for authority).

Act your age and worship someone who doesn’t have spacers.

Like Gillion Carrara, maestro metalsmith-cum-School of the Art Institute of Chicago professor. Carrara honed her craft training under local metalsmith Ted Drendel and today designs jewelry and home accessories that reflect her affection for nature and architecture.

She sources raw materials (ebony, horn, silver, bone, briarroot, leather) from Italy, Africa, India, and the U.S., then sands and solders the metals (silver, gold, bronze), polishes them, and voila — sleek, sculptural art.

Wow with turtle shell brooches; silver-detailed horn cuff bracelets; and smooth, architectural rings with maple, boxwood, and stainless steel. Carrara also makes natural hair makeup brushes, letter openers, and jam knives.

There’s nothing to be sorry about.

Available at June Blaker, 870 North Orleans Street, between Locust and Chestnut Streets (312-751-9220 or juneblaker.com). To see styles, go to gillioncarrara.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Gillion Carrara

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