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Between tree trimming, candle lighting, and family bonding (call it what you will), you’ll need some time to yourself over the next week. Curl up with the following fine reads, recommended by our highly literate editors. Here’s why they love ’em — and why you will, too.

Truth & Beauty, Ann Patchett
“As beautifully written as any novel, it’s a coming-of-age story that captures the complicated nature of womens’ friendships. I love it so much.” - Jasmine Moir, senior editor

Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell
“From the robot waiter to the syphilitic musician, the six loosely woven stories — which span from the 19th century to a postapocalyptic future — remind me of a summer I spent at sea.”
- Brooke Siegel, entertainment editor

Stoner, John Williams
“An above-average story about the average life of a man (whose last name is Stoner). You’ll bawl your eyes out. Then you’ll read it again.” - Lauren Lumsden, video producer

Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon
“Amazingly pleasurable. Like Hawaii Five-0 on acid.” - Erin Wylie, New York editor

Brooklyn, Colm Toibin
“A young Irish girl emigrates to postwar New York and navigates new waters (manipulative landlady, judgmental roommates, progressive bosses, Italian boyfriend) and the tug of old shores.”
- Pavia Rosati, executive editor

Book it.

Photo: Wonderlane / Flickr