Hey, Ballot Ballot Ballot

sweetest things!

You successfully penciled down your New Year’s resolutions (nix the crack habit, show more cleavage, harvest your eggs).

Time for a bonus round: Vote for Chicago’s Sweetest Things 2009 nominees. It’s easier than rehab. Cheaper than water bras. And generally unintrusive.

In case you’ve forgotten the local superstars who peppered the runways, helmed the kitchens, and generally kicked this year’s ass, here’s a brushup:

Fashion: Jana Zacek, Mulberry & Me; Emma Carroll, Emma Carroll Etc.; Christine Bejasa, Kirsten Kilponen, and Alysse Dalessandro, The Sometimes Store.

Food: Rida Shahin, La Farine Bakery; Paula Haney, Hoosier Mama Pie Company; Iliana Regan, One Sister Pierogis.

Fun: Mariano Lanfranconi, Andrés Arlía, and Nicolás Ibarzábal, 5411 Empanadas; Heidi Sauhammel, Body Chemistri; Courtney Davis and Lauren Paradise, Kelly + Olive.

Go ahead and do it here.

And that’s all she vote.