Start with a Bang

health and wellness!
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Hello. This is your conscience. Remember when you made your resolutions list? Don’t fall off the wagon just yet. (At least try to get with the program, buddy.) New year, new you.

Nothing More than Healings
Times are tough, but that’s no excuse to stop treating yourself well. The Economic Rescue Menu at Ruby Room offers half-hour massages, intuitive readings, and energy healings. Before realizing his gift for intuition, Richard Damien acted in Oliver on Broadway. Today he acts on instinct in the forms of energy counseling, body work, and more. Seminars at newly minted Flourish Studios cover every topic from Eating for Energy to The Mind/Body Connection.

Go On and Break a Sweat
Remember that third piece of pie? Oh, the price you pay for a slice. Ballerina-cum-gyrotonics instructor Dori Goldstein will help you lengthen, strengthen, and firm in her River North apartment (847-323-7645; dorigoldstein@yahoo.com). For a different kind of dancing, take your inner B-boy to Breakdance Chicago where the ripped pros will whip you into shape through break dance, hip-hop, and house. This spring Lincoln Park’s Chicago School of Hot Yoga will offer gorgeous digs. Let your worries drip away. Join February 1.

Tooty Fruity, Oh, Beauty
Bring back your beam with Exhale Spa’s new Glow body treatment — a detoxifying dry brush/exfoliation, citrus sugar scrub, and moisturizing. Sure, you’re pretty. But you’re not The Beauty Girl. Nicole Pearl is, and she’ll come to your birthday or bachelorette party to give you tips on trends, makeup application, and products. 

Just Eat It
Lovely local Martha Bayne just released her Soup and Bread cookbook (a portion of proceeds benefits the Greater Chicago Food Depository). All good behavior deserves rewarding. Here’s a guide to your first (and hopefully last) cupcake crawl.

Photo: Jupiter Images