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Longman & Eagle

longman & eagle gastropub!
Photos: Courtesy of Longman & Eagle

Nine things you don’t know about the resto/bar/inn, opening tonight:

1. Chef Jared Wentworth changes the menu daily, depending on what he wrangles up at local markets (wild boar sloppy joe, chickpea fries, crispy-skinned chicken breast).

2. Some on-hand wines, like Kotare sauvignon blanc and Viridian pinot noir, aren’t offered anywhere else in Chicago.

3. Choose from 60 fine bourbons, including rare Cabin Still, Heaven Hill, and Willett Pot Still. Ill.

4. A hotel above the bar opens in spring, but that’s not the news. This is: One of the suites has a tub in the middle of the room, so you can scrub with a view of Kedzie. Hello, heaven.

5. J Dilla’s “Dirty Crushin’,” The Duchess and the Duke’s “Never Had a Chance.” Random awesomeness you’ll find in the jukebox.

6. The owners actually want you to get rowdy, drunk, and possibly pass out on the premises. Hence $3 shots of top-shelf liquor.

7. Wake up with Alterra coffee, sold only at Longman and Bleeding Heart Bakery.

8. See the DJ booth in the corner? Black Lips may do a set after their Chicago show on April 1.

9. You’re going tonight. If you don’t, we’ll spread nasty rumors about you. Scared, aren’t ya?

Longman & Eagle, 2657 North Kedzie Avenue, at Logan Boulevard (773-276-7110).

Photo: Courtesy of Longman & Eagle

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Longman & Eagle
2657 N Kedzie Ave
@ Schubert Ave
Chicago, IL 60647