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sarca boutique!

Your new onesie’s “Made in Singapore” tag promised a coveted token of international couture. 

Until your mom showed up to dinner wearing the same one (cue blushfest 2010).

Take your wardrobe to new heights with a jaunt to new Gold Coast boutique Sarca. Named for the river coursing through her family’s homeland in northern Italy, owner Alexis Cozzini handpicks luxe labels from every corner of the world, snagging only a size or two of each look to keep clients from looking like clones.

Shop skyscraping stilettos from Spain’s Pura López, sexy-iconic London streetwear from German mastermind Markus Lupfer, vintage-sourced cocktail attire from NYC duo Doucette Duvall, and a healthy dose of brazen accessories (Dominic Jones gold fang necklaces, metallic claw rings).

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Sarca, 710 North Wabash Avenue, at Huron Street (312-255-0900 or shopsarca.com).

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710 N Wabash Ave
@ Huron St
Chicago, IL 60611