Space Lift

neat chicago professional organizers!

Your messy life is causing strange dreams.

The latest: Bret Michaels rode in on a black stallion promising a truckload of Shamrock Shakes if you cleaned your closet.

Rest easy with Neat Chicago professional organizers. Owners and pals Ashley Murphy and Nyssa George just launched the biz to help clutter bugs (or those pressed for time) tidy up and bring order to homes and offices.

After a visit to scope the scene, they draw up solutions and work with contractors (if needed) to get the job done. Whether it’s breaking down walls to expand closets, installing space-saving shelving, unpacking after a move, or arranging your ginormous collection of vinyl, they cheerfully accommodate.

With tricks up their sleeves (like grouping clothing by color for artistic effect), the finished look is always crisp.

So you can rest easy.

Neat Chicago (312-515-8406 or neatchicago.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Neat Chicago