Relatively Speaking

the girl who fell from the sky!

You like plots that sound vaguely familiar — sassy city girl balances dating, career, and a love/hate relationship with Ambien.

Step out of your (sick) comfort zone and pick up The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, Heidi Durrow’s Bellwether Prize-winning debut novel.

The story centers on Rachel Morse, the 11-year-old daughter of a Danish woman and a black American soldier, who is forced to move in with her paternal grandmother after a catastrophe leaves her orphaned. For the first time, the brown-skinned, blue-eyed girl must face her biracial identity.

Narrated by Morse, her deceased mother’s diary, and the young boy who witnessed her mother’s death, the book explores themes of identity, humanity, and difference as sameness.

Ideas we can all relate to.

Available online at amazon.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Algonquin Books