Girl Powered

girl on the go!

Your long-term to-do list includes brokering world peace and ridding the planet of bad hair.

In the short term, you’re lucky to get the laundry done.

Lighten your load with help from Chicago’s Girl on the Go, Jancy Walker, the on-call, errand-running machine who gets jobs done. With a hankering for event planning and household management, Walker tackles endeavors both big and small. She’ll organize Nana’s 80th — and getting everyone there by car pool — or wait for the cable guy, so you don’t have to. She’ll grocery shop, buy gifts, and more. Name the task, she can do it.

Fees begin at a reasonable $25 per hour, and she responds to phone and e-mail requests within a day.

Start checking ’em off.

Chicago’s Girl on the Go (312-371-0596 or chicagosgirlonthego.com).

Photo: Thinkstock