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Stick It to Me: Guilt-Free Toffee

vegan toffee!

If your idea of Slow Food involves molasses, you can have your way with Chocolate Inspirations vegan toffee.

Baked and delivered fresh by Roselle-based confectioner Pam Vieau, the new dairy-free treat tastes as decadent as the real thing.

To achieve depth of flavor, Vieau pairs a slew of natural ingredients (coconut oil, beet sugar, coconut milk) with flavor pops like coffee and cinnamon sugar. She hand-dips the crunchy interior into rich, Swiss-imported dark chocolate and tops it off with almonds, pecans, or sugar crystals for a result that’s sweet, salty, and 100 percent animal free.

Vegan caramel, brittle (coconut, cashew), and gourmet nuts (cocoa and cinnamon sugar pecans) round out the wondrous selection. We suggest you enjoy them at your own pace.

Available at Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand, 66 East Randolph Street, between Michigan and Wabash Avenues (312-742-8419); online at chocolateinspirations.com, $5-$21.

Photo: Courtesy of Chocolate Inspirations 

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