Ecofriendly Doormats Double as Nautical Home Decor

Welcome Guests and Support a Good Cause

ecofriendly doormat!

It’s just a doormat. Doesn’t get lowlier. But these new Down East Doormats do a lot more than keep the dirt on the right side of the door.

Back story: The floating ropes that Maine lobstermen had been using were trapping whales and other sea creatures, so they’ve been banned. Great! But without a way to recycle them, they’re destined for landfills. Enter The Maine Float-Rope Co., which turned the outdated material into cheerful, nautical home decor.

Besides doing good, the mats are virtually indestructible (what’s bad for marine life is a plus for a doormat) and can withstand any weather conditions. And they’re resistant to mold, mildew, saltwater, and sun.

If that’s not reason enough, they’re also reversible, one-of-a-kind, and, obviously, they float (hear that, boaters?). How’s that for a warm welcome?

Available online at
daytripsociety.com and mainefloatrope.com, $50-$80.

Photo: Courtesy of Daytrip Society

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