How to Clean Up Your Act

Straighten Your Mess with OrganizedDesign's Organization Service

professional closet, office, and garage organization from organizeddesign!

The last time you watched Hoarders, you found your remote buried beneath a pile of dirty laundry and a pizza box (ah, the irony). You need a nontelevised intervention.

Let Los Angeles transplant Rulan Tova Weinberg clean up your act. The years she spent organizing her parents’ ever-growing antiques collection, law office files, and special effects data (for films like Avatar) gave her the ammo she needed to found OrganizedDesign, a company devoted to decluttering closets, bathrooms, garages, office spaces, and what she calls “bad drawers.”

Send her some photos of your mess (don’t be ashamed; she’s seen it all) and the easygoing — yet systematized — guru drops in with an arsenal of stackable plastic boxes, drawer organizers, and linen baskets and gets to work folding, rearranging, and advising (it’s a team effort), before hauling off the excess to a local charity.

Weinberg charges $75 an hour plus the cost of supplies. Which is a small price to pay for getting clean.

For more information, go to organizeddesign.net.

Photo: Dwwebber / Flickr