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Black Dog Gelato Shop Brings the Italian Treat to the Ukrainian Village

black dog gelato!

In a nation flush with artisanal ice cream shops, Chicago’s the black sheep. Here to shepherd your sweet tooth: Black Dog Gelato, opening today at noon in the Ukrainian Village.

Lickers, be advised. This ain’t no Baskin-Robbins. Gelato guru Jessica Oloroso was Stephanie Izard’s pastry chef at Scylla — so she doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavors, expertly balancing sweet and savory ingredients into every custard-like concoction.

Sesame fig chocolate chip is Oloroso’s fave; goat cheese, cashew, and caramel swirl into pralines and cream goodness; a dollop of red plum moscato sorbet is sheer heaven. Purists can savor pistachio, vanilla bean, and milk chocolate.

Sip on floats made with homemade sodas (fizzy Tang, grapefruit peppercorn) and grab cookie sandwiches and pies for the road. Made-from-scratch ganache and caramel toppings are better than a cherry on top.

There’s even a roving cart that’ll stop by your house. We’re melting.

Black Dog Gelato, 859 North Damen Avenue, at Iowa Street (773-235-3116).

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Photo: Courtesy of Black Dog Gelato

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Black Dog Gelato
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