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Hatch My House Online Wedding Registry Launches

hatch my house gift registry!

If you had a dollar for every time you’ve been told that asking for money in lieu of wedding gifts is a faux pas, the point would be null.

Let logic trump tradition with a registry from Hatch My House, a long-overdue site that lets guests chip in on the down payment for something really useful: a house.

After signing up, enter information about your plans and design a virtual dwelling. A variety of watercolor drawings let you dictate setting (suburbs, beach, city), style (brownstone, colonial), and color. Then connect the registry to your bank account via PayPal. Finally, pay a one-time $25 fee and your page goes live.

The finished product looks like a virtual dollhouse, and gifters can click on specific parts — both exterior ($75 for a window) and interior ($200 for an armoire). Plus, transaction fees never top 3 percent. A small price to pay to avoid yet another glass pitcher.

Available online at

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