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the baked escape!

Can’t remember the last slice of cake that blew your mind? New company The Baked Escape will change that.

Attorney-by-day Ed Craft wanted to preserve the memories of his mother’s crowd-pleasers. So he became her apprentice, learned her recipes, and started testing them on friends. Turns out, he’s a natural. Today he bakes Mama Craft’s homey desserts out of Logan Square Kitchen and delivers them around the city.

Cheesecake is his self-professed specialty, with flavors ranging from vanilla bean to chocolate marble to brownie bottom. The blueberry cassis cake is his childhood birthday favorite — rich and fruity with whipped cream and a graham cracker crust.

We’re suckers for his baked s’mores: neat layers of graham, melted chocolate, marshmallow, and a crumb top. Miniature chocolate lava cakes pack a dense, fudgy punch.

You very well may eat a whole pecan pie in one sitting. But some things should never escape your lips.

Available online at thebakedescape.com.

Photo: Courtesy of The Baked Escape

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