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Artisanal Caramel Corn with an Organic Twist

red pandora popcorn!

Warning: One sniff of Red Pandora’s honey truffle popcorn and you’ll tear through the bag like a raccoon at a trash bash.

Its crunch comes from fresh-popped kernels; Italian honey provides sweetness; the black specks are Italian truffles; crispy prosciutto and applewood-smoked salt give it a brackish bite; a hint of blue cheese neatly balances the equation.

Popper/caterer Jimmy Thomas staged at Otom and Blackbird to augment his flavor-pairing skills; today he pops small-batch corn at Kitchen Chicago. Devoted to quality, organic ingredients (rice syrup, Madagascar vanilla, unrefined coconut oil), he strictly avoids corn syrup.

Chipotle cheddar packs a smoky punch and pairs well with beer; vanilla cheddar caramel gets its crunch from cashews; cachaca crunch combines Brazilian rum, smoky bacon, vanilla, and caramel for a piquant, sugary fix. They don’t call it a snack attack for nothing.

Available at Southport Grocery & Cafe, The Noble Grape, and Lush Wine and Spirits locations.

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