Compost like a Pro

Urban Worm Girl Helps Turn Your Garbage into Gold

urban worm girl!

In your vaguely hippie heart, you know composting is the right thing to do. But you live in a city after all, not a commune.

Let compost connoisseur Urban Worm Girl (a.k.a. Stephanie Davies) transform any fifteen-inch pocket of space (indoors or out) into a silent garbage disposal.

Davies or her worm expert in crime, Amber Gribben, travels to your house and shows you the ropes. In-home setup is free with the standard $200 package (includes a three-tray worm tower, coconut and newspaper bedding, and one pound of red wiggler worms).

After guiding you step by step through the tower construction, Davies makes sure you’re comfortable with your new guests and answers questions about preferred menu (banana peels, baguettes, tea bags), initial care, and avoiding fruit flies (keep your project odor free and indoor friendly).

Worms take 30 to 60 days to produce compost, so she supplies a finished product (a garbage-free compost) to inspire you. Use it to enrich houseplants or donate it to a community garden. Groovy.

Available online at urbanwormgirl.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Worm Girl

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