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Fresh-Baked Casseroles Delivered to Your Door

Don't Cook, Call Johnny Casserole

johnny casserole delivery!

It’s easy to justify not cooking dinner after a hard day’s work. Preheating your oven, however, is something you can manage.

Meet Johnny Casserole, a.k.a. David Bryson, voice-over artist/actor/deliverer of delicious casseroles. The Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago grad knows a thing or two about home cooking — namely, that most people haven’t the time.

His solution: inventive casseroles using healthy, organic ingredients that he delivers in Pyrex bakeware. They’re prebaked, ready to pop in the oven, and feed up to eight people (or provide leftovers for five to seven days).

We’re partial to his breakfast strata — eggy, bready concoctions perfect for weekend brunches that won’t weigh you down in the heat. Go for the sweet, nutty baked French toast or the savory andouille and baby Swiss (build-your-own strata coming soon). In cooler months, you’ll appreciate the shepherd’s pie, jambalaya, and lasagna.

Bryson makes his own stocks, uses cage-free eggs, and is happy to do substitutions with 24 hours’ notice. He’ll even swap the used Pyrex when you place your next order — which is inevitable.

Available online at johnnycasserole.com, $24-$40.

Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Casserole

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