Give Back and Earn Your Daily Bread

Industrial Harvest Project

industrial harvest project!

Just what would you do with 1,000 bushels of soft red winter wheat?

If you’re savvy Sarah Kavage: grind them into flour and give it all away.

The urban planner procured the grain after closing out of a futures contract, opting to share the real commodity with real people in need.

The do-gooding project, called Industrial Harvest, has already reached nonprofits like the Greater Chicago Food Depository and local farmers markets. You can pick up a bag wherever you see it; Kavage just asks that you share what you bake (be it bread, pie, or biscuits) with others.

Kavage needs to raise $5,000 by August 11 to cover the rest of her wheat costs. Whether you pledge here or attend a carb-heavy event, you’ll be planting the seed for a new crop of philanthropic thinking.

For more information, go to industrialharvest.com.

Photo: Nina Matthews Photography / Flickr

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