Paddleboarding Lessons on Lake Michigan

Paddle Your Way to Fit

paddleboat lessons lake michigan!

You thought balancing work, dating, family, and your Facebook page was tough. Then you tried paddleboarding.

The slightly scary (at first) but totally fun workout has made waves on both coasts. Now, thanks to Great Lakes Board Company, Chicagoans can have a go.

After booking a lesson, head to North Avenue Beach and meet your instructor (note: Early hours boarding = calmer waters). Strap on your life preserver (or, come fall, a wet suit) and step into the lake for a 30-minute basics class.

With your trusty instructor by your side, step onto the wide board, grip your paddle, and use your core to stabilize (it feels like you’re standing on a floating BOSU Ball). When comfortable, paddle at your own pace far from boaters and swimmers and enjoy the skyline views for 30 minutes of extra paddle time.

Classes run through October 31. Take a friend for some laughs — and, more importantly, moral support.

For more information, go to greatlakesboardcompany.com.

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