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Thrive Kombucha Hits the Shelves

locally produced thrive kombucha!

When Whole Foods put the kibosh on GT’s kombucha, you went fermentally insane.

Meet your elixir fixer, Nathan Wyse. He produces small-batch Thrive kombucha right here in Chicago.

A fermented tea made from a mother (slang for bacteria and yeast culture), kombucha’s purported benefits include aiding digestion, beefing up your immune system, and promoting weight loss.

In 2007, Wyse ditched his junk food diet and became a kombucha convert. Today he works at a juice bar and brews Thrive in a commercial kitchen, blending herbal teas like tulsi and rooibos with a yerba maté (a South American herb rich in antioxidants) base.

Wyse currently has four 30-gallon tanks of the tea in original blend, red bush, and holy basil. He’s toying with ginger mint and açai pomegranate for his next batch. We’re fizzing at the mouth.

Available at Green Grocer Chicago, 1402 West Grand Avenue, at Noble Street (312-624-9508 or greengrocerchicago.com); Dill Pickle Food Co-Op, 3039 West Fullerton Avenue, at Albany Avenue (773-252-2667 or dillpicklefoodcoop.org). To order a case, e-mail livingwell.bev@gmail.com.

Photo: effekt! / Flickr

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Dill Pickle Food Co-Op
3039 W Fullerton Ave
@ Albany Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
1402 W Grand Ave
@ Noble St
Chicago, IL 60642