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Coffee, Breakfast, and Sandwiches from Happy Bodega Food Truck

Happy Bodega Food Truck

happy bodega food truck!

Some believe Daley’s throwing in the towel due to exhaustion. We think he’s being threatened by food trucks.

After years of living by his rules, Chicago foodies are finally taking action: Mobile eateries are on the rise (Meatyballs, Simple Sandwich, Gaztro-Wagon). The newest of the bunch is Happy Bodega, a treat-bearing truck from Amanda Cavazos.

The Chicago native returned home after six years in New York (she was creative marketing director for Sushi Samba) and missed her corner-deli runs. So she bought an old ice cream truck, tricked it out, and picked up her permits.

Now she spends her days roving the city, wooing commuters with Crop to Cup coffee, Eat Green Foods granola bars, and a variety of sandwiches on hearty La Briola bread (her vinaigrette already has a cult following). Our hands-down favorite? Banana bread pudding.

Cavazos is still testing out midday locations, but Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can find her out and about. She’s the one with the wheels.

Follow Happy Bodega on Twitter. For more information, go to happybodega.com.

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