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Empanadas, Dulce de Leche Bars, Cakes, and Cookies from Argentine Catering Guru

Lucila's Homemade Catering

lucila's homemade!

Sure, the ubiquitous sheet cake is an easy crowd-pleaser. But your guests deserve something special.

Give them a taste of South America with desserts from Lucila’s Homemade, a catering company that quietly launched this summer. Baker Lucila Giagrande grew up in San Justo, a tiny Argentine town, surrounded by the scents of her grandmother’s cooking. Now a Chicago resident, she wants to introduce your taste buds to sweets they’ve never met before.

Using a combination of her grandmother’s and her own recipes, Giagrande bakes trays of traditional Argentine pastries and delivers them to you. The alfajores? Addictive: sweet, biscuit-like cookies sandwiching signature dulce de leche filling. Another favorite: tres leches (“three milk”) cake, a custardy concoction with hints of caramel. Creamy coconut flan and pasta frola (quince- or sweet potato paste-filled bars) will be your new party go-tos.

Next year Giagrande will also whip up empanadas, perfect little pockets filled with beef, chicken, or shrimp — just in case you don’t want to eat your dessert first.

Available by phone (773-354-3830) or e-mail order (lucila@lucilashomemade.com). Orders start at $50, minimum order of 50-75 pieces. For more information, go to lucilashomemade.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lucila’s Homemade

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