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Cheap Tart Bakery

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If you truly are what you eat, Cheap Tart pies are worth tarnishing your reputation over. The new company bakes delicious, seasonal sweets to order, then delivers them to your door.

Dinah Grossman honed her skills at various kitchens in her home state (Maine) before planting her feet firmly in Chicago. She now spends her time chopping, mixing, and latticing in a shared kitchen, using mostly organic dairy, eggs, and fruit.

Fall’s bounty includes luscious apple, plum, and pumpkin pies (mini or full), tarte tatin (apple or pear), and toffee almond bars. Grossman also bakes fluffy layer cakes (and swears by the banana version with cream cheese frosting) and “the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had.”

She does weddings, too. And Nice Cream’s latest fall flavor, pumpkin spice, features Cheap Tart’s pumpkin pie. Talk about getting around.

Available by phone (773-344-1998) or e-mail order (sweet@cheaptart.com). For more information, go to cheaptart.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Cheap Tart

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