Suckers Candy's Tips for Using Leftover Treats

Get Creative with Halloween Candy

suckers candy's tips for leftover treats!

Charlie Bucket would be wowed by your little goblin’s massive trick-or-treat haul (hello, three dozen mini Snickers). But all that candy might be a golden ticket to Sugar Crash City.

Everyone wins if you listen to Beth Miller. The owner of Roscoe Village’s Suckers Candy shared creative ways to enjoy Halloween sweets (and avoid bellyaches).

Licorice laces
Make necklaces by stringing Cheerios or Fruit Loops on them.

Jelly beans
Turn them into an educational tool. Make a graph on paper and separate them by color, or use them to do addition and subtraction problems.

Butterfingers and Pop Rocks
Crumble them for toppings on ice cream, a frosted cupcake, or brownie.

Candy bar wrappers
Glue them to paper to make greeting cards. Customize messages (i.e., “You mean 100 Grand to me” or “You are my Bit-o-Honey”).

Candy corn
Save it to create a gingerbread house. They make great shingles for the roof.

Nerds and Runts
Make random lines and dots with glue on scrap paper and pour these candies on top. You’ll end up with a cool work of modern art.

Now give ’em something good to eat.

For more ideas and a whopping selection of Halloween treats, go to Suckers Candy, 3256 North Damen Avenue, at West School Street (773-549-1706 or suckerscandyinc.com).

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Photo: Janelle Jones

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Sulzer Regional Library
4455 N Lincoln Ave
bt Sunnywide & Montrose Aves
Chicago, IL 60625
1911 N Milwaukee Ave
bt Western & Oakley Aves
Chicago, IL 60647
2100 Patriot Blvd
@ Lake Ave
Glenview, IL 60026
3256 N Damen Ave
@ W School St
Chicago, IL 60618