DailyCandy Takes Facebook by Storm

Our Editors: Now Taking Questions

dailycandy on facebook!

We at DailyCandy pride ourselves on discovering the next big thing first.

So when it comes to our newly launched Facebook page, we apologize for being a little behind the curve. But we’ll make it up to you by making the DailyCandy Facebook experience the greatest experience of your (online) life.

Manned by us (the editors), the fan page is a behind-the-scenes look at the DailyCandy office, with chatter about future stories and nifty deals. To kick off the festivities, we’re going Halloween hog wild. Today we’ll be posting last-minute costume ideas, creepy cocktail recipes, and photos of dressed-up dogs (who doesn’t love that!).

Got questions? (Is a Tea Party getup too timely? Does a sexy librarian qualify as a costume?) Just ask. Editors will be on hand. Better late than never.

Join the conversation online at facebook.com.

facebook etiquette!Confused about Facebook etiquette? Our very own Office Guy gives tips on when to friend someone you’re dating, if you can friend-request your boss, and to poke or not to poke.

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