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Have Your Cake and Drink It, Too

Cocktail Cupcakes and Cookies from The Baking Lab

the baking lab chicago!

Your wildest dream …

You walk into a party (looking smashing, wanting to get smashed).

To your right, a sea of well-dressed, honest men with no mommy issues. To your left, a gaggle of pinup-clad ladies touting cookies and cupcakes. They call themselves the Labettes. “We work for The Baking Lab,” purrs their queen, Rebecca Denton (who also mud wrestles under the name Annie Anthrax).

“We bake with booze,” coo the Labettes. You feast your eyes on their creations: Jack-and-Coke cupcakes with whiskey syrup, Kahlúa chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with Baileys pastry cream, and New Holland Golden Cap Saison cupcakes with Saison buttercream (garnished with a hop leaf). Everything tastes like the real thing.

“We’ll make you whatever you want,Rebecca whispers. “We cater parties, too — the Labettes do the serving.”

You take a bite of hard apple cider cake. Everything goes black.

The Baking Lab (423-313-1001 or thebakinglabchicago@gmail.com).

Photo: Courtesy of The Baking Lab

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