Stationery, Sculptures, and Graphic Design for Your Home

Uusi Design Studio


Terriers are terrors, and Mexican Hairless, well, they’re straight nasty. Want a clean, cute purebred pet? Order one from Uusi.

A design geek’s paradise, the new e-commerce site offers a rotating selection of impeccably crafted, whimsical objects for the home.

Uusi debuts with the Moderne Farm collection: sculptural animals that, despite their composition (reclaimed linden wood), have uber personality. Inspired by cave art and architecture, each has a spirit all its own.

Cats, bulls, sheep, hogs, and dogs are finished in sleek black and white. An electric blue fox and bright yellow bear add a pop of color to the mix. Uusi’s founders, Chicagoans Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits-Dunham, have a pedigree all their own: They created adored stationery/design company Binth.

Be warned, everything on the site is limited edition. It’s the nature of the beast.

Available online at uusi.us.

Photo: Courtesy of Uusi